Funny Books like this are rare. Marvelous New Book on Catholic School Humor.
Authored by Rick Phillips
The Funniest Book of the Year is “I Don’t BRAKE for Nuns!”
It’s a hilarious narrative of Catholic School in the 1960s from a kid’s perspective.

I Don’t BRAKE for Nuns! will remind you of no other book.

It’s a fun comedy that uncovers the hyperbole of a youth’s perception.

It’s a clever, humorous writing style. It keeps you reading - and chuckling all the way!

You’ll remember your own school days of yesteryear, and recall similar anecdotes and experiences.
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This book is a must read for every person who’s been through the tyranny of the grade school classroom.

There are millions of former students in America and Around the World who have been raised and educated through Catholic School. This is a book to be enjoyed by all. . .

For every kid who ever felt the snap of a nun’s ruler or the sneaky, crisp slap of a shrouded sister, this book pays in recompense.

“I Don’t BRAKE for Nuns!” will bring tears of laughter to anyone who can empathize with children trying to survive the fanatical discipline of nuns.